Anita Advani

Name: Anita Advani

Age:51 years

Current Series: Big Boss 7 contestant

About of Anita Advani

Anita Advani is niece of Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos. Ferdin is the former president of Philippines.

Anita Advani and Rajesh Khanna had dated in teens for about 8 years.

From 2002 Both of them were in Live in relationship.

Anita Advani came into limelight after the death of Rajesh Khanna when she claimed property of Rajesh Khanna.

Dimple, Akshay Kumar, Twinkle have alleged that Anita Advani is married to Victor Anthony.

As of yet it is not confirmed if wife of Victor Anthony is the same lady who was in Relationship with Rajesh Khanna.

Victor Anthony lives in Bandra and works as liftman in Air India.

Rajesh Khanna’s property is being claimed by Anita Advani as claims herself as a surrogate wife of him.

Anita Advani and Rajesh Khanna were living toghther for about 10 years.

According to the source Dimple failed to settle the matter out the court.

The property case is still in court.

Anita Advani is a participate in the biggest TRP rated show Big boss season 7.